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Royal Air Maroc is International carrier for Morocco. It travels to 94 international destinations to Africa, Asia , North America , South America & Europe. Airline hub is Mohammed V International Airport, in Casablanca, Morocco. It has Frequent flyer program as Safar Flyer.

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Book flights with Royal Air Maroc, from Search Engine of to all destinations worldwide. Travel now with lowest fares of Royal Air Maroc to your choice of city. Our Search engine offers the best and cheapest flights to all seven continents. You can have various flight deals with Royal Air Maroc to your planned destination. You can purchase the ticket just by calling one of our consultants. All important information of passport details, flight itinerary and visa requirement can be provided on phone. After successful completion of your booking you will receive electronic ticket on your email address with all information of flight itinerary. Please contact us to book at 0208-133-1749.

Latest Royal Air Maroc Destinations

Departure Destination Airline Fares
London Douala Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 480
London Yaounde Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 519
London Kinshasa Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 430
London Cairo Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 330
London Malaba Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 609
London Paris Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 270
London Banjup Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 485
London Accra Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 390
London Conakry Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 515
London Monrovia Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 529
Bamako Singapore Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 478
London Lagos Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 430
London Doha Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 410
London Dakar Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 498
London Freetown Royal-Air-Maroc-logo £ 539

Latest Royal Air Maroc Offers

New York Lome Brazzaville
Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc
From £ 690 From £ 460 From £ 490
Dakar Marrakesh Casablanca
Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc
From £ 498 From £ 280 From £ 395
Libreville Abuja Abidjan
Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc
From £ 495 From £ 439 From £ 415
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